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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 393

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

No, I haven’t forgotten that Miu has breasts. Feel free to stop reminding me at every possibly opportunity.

Still more Miu action and Niijima comedy. With appropriate respect to each character (some to the former, little to the latter), this is completely irrelevant and uninteresting when the Kenichi / Koukin fight is underway.

If Miu is fighting all these people right outside the control room, why can’t Akisame come outside and speed things up?

While Niijima comedy has grown tiresome, Akisame comedy is still acceptable.

Let's play Oregon Trail

All the while, Kenichi and Koukin have been fighting, and we haven’t seen it. Worse still, Apachai and Agaard Jum Sai are beginning their fight now. All the inane comedy fights have had individual spotlight, but the two long-awaited fights that have been the driving force behind this arc are going to split time? This is a huge disappointment.

Final Flash: I’m losing what remaining faith I had that this arc will be redeemed by the main event fights.

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