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Beelzebub 65

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This is only day 2 of practice? I hope we don’t stay like this for too long. This is a comedy/fighting series, not a volleyball series.

The entirety of page 3 is fantastic.

P4 / cover page: … okay, actually, if this is the kind of volleyball we’ll be playing, we can stay in this story arc a little longer. I don’t mind.

A demon lurking in the school would be an excellent way to spice things up. As enjoyable as the school arcs are, the Demon World arc was cut far too short. The major hindrance Beelzebub has before it can be considered a major series alongside its shonen counterparts is that it’s yet to attempt a long, comparatively serious arc. The Demon World teased such an arc, but wasn’t nearly enough.

P7, center-left panel: Priceless reaction.

Thankfully, Oga shares my disinterest in volleyball, and still only cares about fighting. Also, tandem tantrums are cute, Baby Beel.

I have no idea which P13 panel I prefer. What a page.

P14, bottom-left panel: Interesting choice of humor. It’s a funny gag, but it does somewhat take away what menace Miki had left after being emasculated by Izuma.

P18, bottom-right panel: Damn right, Baby Beel! Get on with the action already.

No. Instead, continuation of the Oga/Miki flashback. Hopefully this time we’ll get the full story.

Final Flash: Fairly protracted setup chapter. Some good comedy, but it seems Tamura can’t quite decide where to focus.

Beelzebub 64

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Baby Beel has a Push-Pop! I want a Push-Pop.

Only Furuichi could focus exclusively on panties in those circumstances.

Very happy to see Kunieda’s role and importance increasing within the group. I realize this is for a silly volleyball match, but surely their bonds are growing stronger overall and not only within the context of sport.

MK5? That was a little unexpected. Cannon fodder to prove the main group is ready, perhaps.

“Lose in one page” is fantastic. That’s the first time I can recall Beelzebub explicitly breaking the fourth wall.

Miki training can only bode well. This little volleyball arc is amusing, but I don’t want this series to go the way of Prince of Tennis before it and take away from the intensity of its main storyline with too many nonsensical side stories.

Final Flash: Good comedy, but I’m most excited about the “Next issue, Oga vs Miki again!?” teaser at the end of the chapter.

Beelzebub 62

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The title of this chapter is “Boobie Volley”? Assuming that’s not some kind of ridiculous typo, I’m intrigued.

Hildegarde transferring to the school only bodes well for fans of the Kunieda/Hilda rivalry, myself included.

P4, top-left panel: Furuichi is incredible.

Alain Delon! Wow. My reaction is pretty much equal to the students’.

Page 9 is a testament to how fantastically funny this series is.

Great Furuichi chapter.

Final Flash: The exchange between Izuma and Miki gives hope that the sports festival will just be a cover for fights, but the main cast did nothing to dissuade me from worrying that we’re moving too far away from the action. Still, as a comedy chapter, excellent.

Beelzebub 61

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Really like the shot of all of them lined up, with Furuichi cowering.

Furuichi is the leader!

Sports festival? Not sure I like how we’re continuing to take the focus away from the fights that were started.

The clause that the captains will be stripped of their status if they lose makes me curious about how long the setting will be this school. We still have the Demon World to return to.

Izuma was in on the whole thing. I’m glad he’s developing into a serious villain.

Hildegarde! We haven’t seen her nearly enough recently.

Final Flash: Not an awful setup chapter, but still a considerable letdown from the fighting. Hilda’s arrival creates interesting theories about her role in the upcoming fig– er, I mean, sports festival.

Beelzebub 60

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Color page: Colors are pretty good, but this isn’t the most flattering example of this mangaka’s art. Too many of Oga and Toujou’s features look similar.

Page 5, top-left panel: Oga’s willing to fight! Excellent.

So Izuma not only dodges Toujou, but somehow hits his arm in such a way that it’s smoking? Scary.

Not sure how I feel about Toujou shrugging off Miki’s attack. It’s a cool scene, but I thought we’d already established that Oga was above Toujou.

Deathmatch. Yeah, Izuma is scary.

Furuichi! Back to chasing girls, too. Can’t go wrong, here.

Expulsion? That can’t actually happen, can it?

Final Flash: Some cool moments, but it’s very disappointing not to see any of the fights resolved.

Beelzebub 59

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No way Oga thought that far ahead.

P2: Yep. Also, love everyone’s facial expressions in the large panel. Especially Beel.

Dual hadokens from Oga and Beel! Excellent.

Furuichi’s little moment of comedy reminds me how much I’ve missed him in the last few chapters.

Fake attack names! Hilarious.

Nanami-senpai? Hm.

Oh, 6 Horsemen. This could become interesting. Or completely one-sided.

Toujou! Yeah, decidedly in the “interesting” camp now.

Final Flash: Still good, but not as excellent as preceding chapters. A little disappointing to see the Oga/Miki fight end unresolved.

Beelzebub 58

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Toujou would only make these fights better.

The cover page is Beel being adorable, yet again.

I love Baby Beel’s recent inclination towards swearing. Well, baby-swearing.

P10, top panel: Immensely gratifying.

Toujou went to the wrong school! Amazing.

Kanzaki! Whoa. Makes sense, but I didn’t see that coming at all. Good that he’s not down for the count (… yet?).

P17: Uproariously funny. Evoked huge laughter from me. Fantastic.

Final Flash: The slight disappointment of last chapter, along with the worry that Oga would too easily be beaten, is completely wiped away. Excellent chapter.

Beelzebub 56

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The cover is simple but effective.

Actually, the second color page is even better. It might have been too crowded for the cover.

(Also, let’s not neglect how adorable Baby Beel is on that color page.)

Oh, are we translating their name now? The Six Horsemen? Let’s see, that would be Flair, Blanchard, Anderson…

Alex Rodriguez? Um, okay.

Gou is from the Amateur Radio club. That’s fantastic.

P13, top panel: Sometimes, it takes seeing Himegawa from an angle to truly appreciate the pompadour.

Absolutely love the twists in the expected fight pairings. Truly excellent.

That punch. Man. Admittedly, a little reminiscent of Luffy’s OHKO against Bellamy, but still, wholly worthwhile.

Final Flash: Even more enjoyable than I anticipated. Fantastic.

Beelzebub 55

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The more Baby Beel, the better. Not that there’s anything wrong with Oga.

“I trust Miki-kun.” Priceless.

Center panel, p10: Haven’t seen this face from Oga much. Usually he’s more comical or sadistic. Interesting expression.

Oga may not be much for team spirit, but he certainly acts like a leader.

All set up for fights next chapter!

Final Flash: Beelzebub finally gets its year anniversary recognition and issue cover next chapter. Well-deserved.

Beelzebub 54

Beel helping Oga brush his teeth is too cute.

What the hell? How does “punch me once” translate into throwing weights?

Kanzaki’s introduction is an incredible panel.

He actually pissed his pants. Excellent.

It’s too bad Kanzaki didn’t get a chance to actually do anything before Miki wiped him out.

Baby Beel on the last page gives this series yet another great facial expression.

Final Flash: The teaser says next chapter is finally Oga vs. Miki. Let’s hope that’s the truth.

Beelzebub 53

March 21, 2010 1 comment

What an amazing cover page.

What is Oga doing? Weird.

Damn, I love Oga’s creepy face. Two pages, no less. And a Baby Beel creepy face! Excellent.

Of course Kunieda misunderstands. So cute.

Evil grin dodge! This is a fun chapter.

He got the answer right! I’m actually laughing audibly.

An interesting development on the last page, too.

Final Flash: Fantastic chapter. All my disappointment at the abrupt ending of the Demon World arc is gone.

Beelzebub 52

Not surprised that Miki was an old friend of Furuichi. Can’t trust him, though.

Yeah, figured.

Good comedy between the two members of Rokkisei. Oga’s reaction-face is priceless as ever.

A ruler! I love Kunieda.

Final Flash: Excited for this fight. Been a while since we’ve seen Oga himself in some real action.

Beelzebub 51

What the hell is Oga wearing on the cover page?

Always good to see what Baby Beel is up to. This week, just relaxing, drinking milk at Oga’s desk.

Hints of Nene/Kanzaki?

Shy Kunieda is horribly cute.

The other students seem interesting, particularly Azusa.

Panels like Oga saying “Hey” are why I love this series. Well, those and Furuichi.

Final Flash: Like many others this week, this is a transitional chapter, but good. Oga/Kunieda and Furuichi alone should both be fun to read.