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Fairy Tail 196

[scanlation by Binktopia]

As stupid as the plan for Pantherlily to kill Mystogan is, it’s even worse to see Pantherlily tell Mystogan (and the audience) how great he is. Might as well just kill him already.

Even less acceptable: Pantherlily turning this ridiculous plan around, and becoming the sacrifice himself. Mashima is obsessed with Gérard.

Thanks for wasting our time, then

Unsurprisingly, Natsu is here to save the day.

Undeniably cute

Natsu’s involvement here isn’t bad, and he and the other two dragons contribute pretty nicely, but ultimately this is still all for the sake of further building up Gérard. Tiresome.

Final Flash: A little comedy here is fine, but as always, any Gérard is unacceptable.


Fairy Tail 195

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Can you think of an event you’d rather attend less than a Mashima Hiro autograph session?

The two-page spread of the dragons towering over the king is rather well-drawn.

Zeal Kingdom is falling!

Since when does nearly destroying the world and sending all its citizens into panic an acceptable plan? At least prepare the populace for what’s coming.

Anything in this series involving Gerard is completely uninteresting. His face is like the exact opposite of the Nintendo Seal of Quality.

King Pantherlily? Not only is this a rubbish idea, but it also seemingly nullifies the most interesting subplot in this entire arc, which is the possibility of Pantherlily becoming Gazille’s cat.

Final Flash: At least one of the Gerards might be killed.

Fairy Tail 194

[scanlation by Binktopia]

The first page is colored strangely. It doesn’t feel nearly organic enough. Looks like plastic.

As usual, a Fairy Tail cover page is used to show off a female character’s assets. It’s not enticing if you lay it out there for everyone to see all the time.

The king’s mech is embarrassingly ugly and not particularly menacing.

The Super Soaker of mechs

All three Dragonslayers decide to fire their beams in one direction, yet don’t consider the possibility of their target moving out of the way. No, heroes, I don’t find it unreasonable that a mech can jump.

Our heroes are down and out. Cue Natsu’s willpower reserves in 3, 2…

Right on time.

The combination final attack is actually pretty well-designed. It’s just a pity that these characters can’t act before a generic show of willpower.

Final Flash: Dull chapter, but it signals the end of this arc is forthcoming.

Fairy Tail 193

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Four pages wasted on establishing that each character has an opposite. We were already well aware of that, thanks.

Finally, the Erza fight continues. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and it’ll end in this chapter.

Mashima has again revealed his complete lack of creativity, rehashing another idea from Rave. This time, it’s Ravelt.

Might as well have Haru join the cast

Of course, each Erza’s trump card is destroyed, so we’re “treated” to a catfight.

In Fairy Tail tradition, the fight is ultimately won by force of willpower rather than any tangible or interesting means.

Not content to allow a hesitant positive (end of the Erza fight) to take the spotlight, Mashima has to reintroduce Gerard’s face, which is factually impossible to like.

Final Flash: At least that fight is over. We’re nearing the end of the arc.

Fairy Tail 192

[chapter link]

Happy and Charle are the only two cats remaining! Keep going, evil forces! You’re almost there.

There are plenty of attack names and flashy explosions, but it’s difficult to follow what’s actually happening between Erza and Erza.

No, please don’t take the focus away from the Erza fight. That needs to finish quickly.

King! What does the scouter say about how bad this is?

Gratuitous fanservice shot of Lucy collapsed, angled from behind. Totally unnecessary, not at all exciting.

The enemies are being attacked by trees? … It’s Ueki! Ueki came from a different (and far superior) manga to save the day!

Oh, it’s only Fairy Tail.

Final Flash: Finish the damn Erza fight already.

Fairy Tail 191

[chapter link]

I’m not sure how I feel about the female being reduced to the role of “cleric,” but it’s nice to see Wendy as an integral part of the action.

Missile arrays feel out of place in a magical fantasy series.

Natsu had to save poor little Wendy after all. When she was introduced, I was hoping Mashima had finally created a female character strong enough to stand on relatively even terms with Natsu. She even had the Dragonslayer title backing her up. Ultimately, though, it seems like she’s being firmly cast as support, even in the hierarchy of Dragonslayers.

The Dragonslayers’ ability to eat magic continues to play a far too important role in climactic fights.

No argument here

Black Heaven? Does Mashima not realize that’s the name of a different series? Someone should have given him a cautionary warning.

Mystogan was defeated on purpose. Garbage.

I’ve heard of lazy eyes, but lazy eye sockets? It might just be an optical illusion caused by the facepaint, but something seems horribly wrong with Mystogan’s facial structure here:

Awkward art

About time Erza v Erza is beginning to be settled. This should have happened chapters ago.

Final Flash: A couple moments of decent action, and we’re edging closer towards resolution.

Fairy Tail 190

[chapter link]

We’ve gone from cat-fighting (literally) to royal family issues. This could bear some weight, but again, it’s another instance of lack of character development coming back to hurt the story. Mystogan has never been solidly established, so I have no attachment to him, and as a result, I don’t care about his relationship with the king.

The king is in a steam-powered dragon mech. Sure. Why not?

The spur is just gratuitous

I’m finding it difficult to root against the people firing beams that turn cats into collectibles.

Finally, a little action for Mystogan. Unfortunately, the king had to bring up the major problem with Mystogan: He’s Gerard. There are numerous obvious reasons one can dislike Fairy Tail, the most notable of which is the comparison to One Piece. An underrated reason is “absolutely anything to with Gerard.”

After all this time, the little Mystogan action we get to see is him being defeated almost immediately. What a way to kill the suspense and sense of legitimacy built around a supposedly strong character.

Wendy is doing something! Excellent. Long overdue. Also, Gazille gets to keep fighting after all.

Final Flash: Getting closer to the end of this arc, which is a great positive. Unfortunately, Erza Knightwalker still hasn’t been defeated.