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Fairy Tail 188

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At least this chapter doesn’t claim to be the climax.

As usual, Lucy is useless. Screaming at inanimate objects tends not to solve problems, dear.

In the long run, the disappointment of Gazille’s fight being cut short could pave the way for more focus on him in the future. Hopefully, the fact that he (presumably) will have a cat companion means that he will begin to matter as much as the main group.

That said, I find myself depressed at the prospect of a character being legitimized thanks only to a cat.

“I don’t need infinite magic. I want an infinite smile!!” is a horrible line. This girl is approaching cat-city levels of terrible.

Mashima has no capacity for dramatic scenes. “Even if it splinters my body, I’ll just stop it with my soul!” Really? That’s the best you could do? Terribly cheesy.

I take it back. This cat-city focus is too much. Can we go back to the little girl now?

There’s no sense of shock in revealing a “major” secret about a character we’ve never met. Also, lone-wing character design is stale.

The lack of character establishment leading to this moment would likely have prevented me from enjoying these scenes regardless, but it’s absolutely impossible to take it seriously because they’re cats.

Final Flash: At least the cats are approaching the climax of their storyline. Anything to be done with them.

Fairy Tail 187

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Another double false advertisement on this week’s cover page. First, it says “Climax of the Edolas Arc” again, and second, there’s an attractive female. Don’t try to fool me into thinking I want to read this.

There’s still a small chance Mashima could pull a decent twist and have this Erza actually be the Edolas Erza. Doubtful, but possible.

Never mind. Hopes die quickly when reading Fairy Tail.

Okay yes, thank you, everyone and their mother knew that this would happen. Please don’t waste any more pages explaining what was painfully obvious.

Unsurprisingly, Knightwalker is still able to fight. Also unsurprisingly, some kind of cataclysmic event is happening that the cast will have to race against time to prevent. This happens in every arc.

Gazille’s fight is looking like it might be interrupted by the arrival of the cast. This must not happen. Allow the few interesting characters in this series their time to shine.

Final Flash: The “climax” remark seems closer to the truth this time, but we’re still not there. At least two fights plus one catastrophe-avoiding Natsu moment to go.

Fairy Tail 186

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A cover page with animals on it? No parallels to be drawn here. Nope. None.

Shut up, Conis! … I mean, Wendy!

Oh, good, Gazille. That’s not sarcasm, either; he’s about the only character I care to see right now.

“I’m gonna make him my cat.” I sincerely hope this happens. Gazille is pretty cool.

P17, bottom-right panel: Was that really necessary?

Oh, Erza. I was wondering how long it would take to get back to her.

Bizarro Erza won? Doubtful. She’s probably the real Erza, ex-quipped to look like the Bizarro Erza, to get past the door.

Final Flash: On one hand, that wasn’t enough Gazille. On the other hand, we get more Gazille later.

Fairy Tail 185

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The cover reminds me of what I actually like about this series: jovial, lighthearted action. Not over-the-top comedy, nor feigned emotion. I hope for a cool-down arc after this one.

It’s Batman! Oh, sorry, Gray’s bike looked familiar.

Typical talkative enemy.

The climax of this fight is going to be two guys holding hands?

What was I just saying about over-the-top comedy? It’s not like all the seriousness has to be saved for Natsu’s final fight.

Gray has some pretty cool attacks. It’s a pity he hasn’t been given a real fight in this arc.

Good last page. That’s just the right amount of cleverness that this series, when at its best, is able to offer.

Final Flash: A one-chapter fight. Even if it was silly, I’m pleased with its brevity. Let’s hope for the same with Erza, but I wouldn’t mind a little more time with Gazille.

Fairy Tail 184

May 20, 2010 1 comment
[chapter link]

Cover page says “Climax of the Edolas Arc.” I am holding you to this, chapter.

Taurus: Useless, as always.

Virgo, now. Proving Lucy’s powerlessness before she reveals a new summon, maybe? I don’t know. There’s no sense of purpose to this fight.

I am entirely unsurprised that Mashima is having a cute girl fighting a baddie with tentacles.

You can’t use a “protect your friends” speech when the character is trying to save a stranger. This is a basic storytelling principle.

Yep, Lucy proved to be unnecessary. Natsu would have come through that wall and saved the day whether or not the octopus guy was tied up. Chalking this up to fanservice.

Two mid-bosses were defeated, and that’s the “climax of the Edolas arc”? Gray hasn’t even fought, Erza is still fighting herself somewhere, the old man has yet to reveal his power, and there are surely at least two more “shocking” developments in this cheap Enies Lobby ripoff.

Final Flash: Chapter, that’s unacceptable false advertising. I demand to see your supervisor, chapter.

Fairy Tail 182

April 29, 2010 2 comments

When’s the last time you saw One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc., use a narrative box for recap purposes? Even Hunter x Hunter doesn’t do that, and it goes on hiatus for months at a time. Major series don’t need to refresh anyone’s memory.

Magic vs. … a guy who throws boats.

Wait, or is it magic vs. an amusement park?

Okay, two notes on the other, uglier baddie: 1. Kurama; 2. his weapon can make anything soft and limp? I don’t even have to say anything; the jokes write themselves.

Ugh, taking a roller-coaster picture? Really?

Dramatic Natsu panels have lost all their edge at this point. They’re like “shocking” twists in the last three pages of any given Bleach chapter.

Nice to see Aquarius facing a real challenge. She was too one-dimensional of a character.

Mashima would be well served learning to stagger fights in such a way that not every single protagonist is on the brink of the losing, while simultaneously the world faces some kind of cataclysm, before inevitably someone (Natsu) turns the tide and saves the day.

Final Flash: Stupid amusement park.

Fairy Tail 181

Cat Island is expendable, for the record.

Natsu’s face is amusing, but his reaction is predictable. So little originality in his character.

Wendy might be the stereotypical “little girl with secret power thrust into difficult situation,” but she’s still cute.

Gazille! More of him would be entirely acceptable.

So he’s just going to go punch the crystals? Yeah, I’m sure no one will interfere.

… “I’m sure no one will interfere,” he said.

Transparent foreshadowing, but unlike Naruto, where it leads to plot advancement, this is entirely gratuitous. An amusement park? Really?

More weirdo enemies.

Final Flash: “At least we’re moving forward” is becoming a tired assessment of this series. Some decent storytelling along the way wouldn’t hurt.

Fairy Tail 180

[chapter link]

Nice try, Doppelganger! Save it for Queen Doppelpopolis. … wait, wrong series.

At least one Erza was kind enough to put markings on her face.

The way I picture Erza shouting “Explosion!”

I’m actually interested in seeing Gazille in more action. Hopefully he won’t be taken out too quickly and leave all the rest of the Dragon Slayer responsibilities to Natsu.

So all of the main characters are back and they can use magic? Good. We can make actual progress in this arc (and then be done with bizarro-world).

Final Flash: Disappointing that the Erza fight will last more than one chapter, but I can’t complain that we’re moving forward.

Fairy Tail 179

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Let’s see how much I can write without mentioning cats.

“What path is left in Edolas without any help?” is a pretty shallow statement. It wouldn’t be predictable shonen manga without someone coming to help them right about now.

Hm, handcuffs that restrain special powers. That sounds familiar.

Activate the Buster Ca– er, Code ETD.

“So, the purpose of strengthening our military was for this…” Yes, it was, Dalton.

What do you know? Someone showed up to help.

Final Flash: The swerve of the humans waging war on the Eksheed is the only redeeming quality of an otherwise linear chapter.

Fairy Tail 178

April 1, 2010 1 comment
[chapter link]

Please: Fewer cats.

A character named Pyro? I’ll just pretend it’s the Pyro.

“Sugerboy,” too. Wow.

Oh, good. Cats.

… and a million more cats. That square-faced cat makes me rage a little bit every time I see him.

Even if you like Happy, you couldn’t sensibly argue that this arc was a good idea. I love One Piece, and I love Chopper, but a One Piece arc with an entire parallel world full of Choppers would be putrid. Nearly as putrid as this, even.

Final Flash: Hurry up and rescue Natsu. He’s the only chance this arc has of any redemption.

Fairy Tail 177

I can tell from the cover page that I’m not going to have many nice things to say.

Impossible to take any of this action seriously.

Huh. So those were his parents. Neat.

Final Flash: In the conversation with episode 101 of Naruto.

Fairy Tail 176

More focus on talking cats. Hooray. That’s all this series needs to improve.

So… we had a talking cat. Then a cube guy. Now a cube cat.

Exactly what kind of a hand motion is Nadei making on page 9?

An entire town full of talking cats. What little respect I had for this series and its author is evaporating with each new page.

I guess that hand motion is Nadei’s trademark. Sure, whatever.

Nadei (Fairy Tail)

Gecko Moria (One Piece)

(Okay, okay, I’m trying on that one.)

Someone we thought was good is actually bad! But they’re still good! But… they’re supposed to be bad! sigh.

Nope, sorry. A talking cat’s tears earn no sympathy points.

Final Flash: I remember being excited at the very beginning of this arc, when the Fairy Tail guild house disappeared. How stupid I was.

Fairy Tail 175

Oh good, fanservice right away.

For all the completely legitimate complaints about it ripping off One Piece, the art is refreshingly crisp compared to some other series.

The increased focus on Lucy is good variety.

Completely obvious and unsurprising plot twist!

Final Flash: I was really hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Mashima not going the easy direction. Disappointing.