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Toriko 103

[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Two pages into the chapter and I’m already hungry. Curse you, Toriko.

What are those?

I’m relieved to find out that Komatsu is coming. He needs to capitalize on his recent character development, and continue progressing into an equal partner for Toriko.

It seems Toriko is wasting no time on that front, either. His (admittedly somewhat awkward) proposal is only interrupted by the arrival of a Sealion Bird, which may very well be the creepiest-looking animal to date.

There’s nothing quite like a vine in the sky to create a great sense of anticipation.

Final Flash: It’s great that Komatsu is here for the trip, but what about Terry? And what happened to Komatsu needing a bodyguard, who should rightfully be Rin?

Toriko 102

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[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

I’m not sure walking on water would suit Toriko very well.

Toriko can not only throw his knife, but has a 13-hit fork now, too. Excellent. …he’s still about to be crushed by Ichiryuu, though.

Leg fork and knife! Good stuff.

Like the Sistine Chapel... except someone is about to be pummeled

Great punchline for the “walking on water” subplot, with Toriko sent flying so hard that he skips across the surface of the sea.

A new job request for Toriko. This one should prove interesting, as it’s a different type of locale than anything previously explored in the series.

Final Flash: Like the best training arcs, short and sweet.

Toriko 101

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[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Huge thanks to the Hi Wa Mata Noboru team for catching up to current releases on this series.

The antagonist is both appropriately menacing and unsatisfied.

Excellently grim

This fellow looks like a Morton. Good name choice.

Ichiryuu’s revelation that Toriko still isn’t “full-fledged” is the kind of negative reinforcement Toriko has benefited from as a character, in that it would have been boring for this supposedly overwhelmingly powerful character to simply dominate his opponents and prey, but it seems like the time is right for Toriko to improve. A training arc here under the supervision of Ichiryuu would be more than acceptable.

Fantastic pacing in this chapter. The introduction of Ichiryuu to the beginning of his explanation about his past only took five pages.

The two are set to spar in the next chapter. Excellent. Unfortunately, Toriko is on break next week, so we have to wait a while.

Final Flash: Good change in tone from the previous chapter. The villain has needed exposition for months, and the introduction of Ichiryuu is a pleasant surprise.

Toriko 100

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[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Chapter 100! Celebrate with an appropriate theme song.

Cute cover page. Amusing to see everyone in formal clothing despite being semi-chibi. Good coloring.

It’s been too long without Terry. Hopefully the next adventure will include him.

Toriko is already using the Century Soup as a bargaining tool? That didn’t take long.

The entirety of page 11 is delicious. The Cookie Alpaca is particularly amusing.

Food-beast highlight

P12, bottom-center panel: Coco is coming back! Now if only we’d finally get to meet Zebra.

Don't you want one, too?

Rin is as adorable as ever. She needs to stay part of the main cast.

P18: Just in time, a serious note in this chapter.

Final Flash: No real progression or development in this chapter, but the world of Toriko is fun to explore like this.

Toriko 99

[chapter link]
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Toriko’s question has shocked everyone out of their Century Soup-induced stupor. This shows the relative importance of a Full Course, specifically in relation to Toriko. The statement of disbelief by Match reinforces this thought.

This is exactly the kind of determination Komatsu has needed to keep up with Toriko. His character would be ruined if he became too strong or confident, but he’s been too much the lackey and not enough the partner to Toriko.

Confident Komatsu

The Century Soup plaque being affixed to Toriko’s Full Course is just begging to be animated. The last hint of a possibility of a Toriko anime was at last Jump Festa; it’s unfortunate we have yet to receive any more word.

Evidently Match lives in the Fist of the North Star part of the world:


Fist of the North Star

The Disease Principal diet is a great concept. Toriko doesn’t exactly make it clear if this diet is exclusive to Aimaru or if others follow it, but regardless, it’s worth being explored further. Hopefully Aimaru will get a little more exposition.

Meanwhile, Sani has been training with Yosaku… and by “training with,” I apparently mean “being destroyed by.” It’s good that Sani’s storyline is proceeding simultaneously. The rest of the Heavenly Kings have been out of the picture for quite some time, given the Ice Hell arc.

More Century Soup faces. Cute.

Final Flash: Important chapter for both Toriko and Komatsu, and some good backstory.

Toriko 98

[chapter link]
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Still chilling, even with the delay between releases.

So much for 20 years for each. Of course, we were never going to wait nearly that long, but it’s relieving to see the determination of both Toriko and Komatsu reinforced by such a quick turnaround.

Shimabukuro was generous enough to create a Toriko icon for everyone, right in this chapter:

How kind.

Adorable scene between Komatsu and the penguin. Toriko’s relationship with Terry was sweet, but Toriko is too manly to be this close to an animal.

Shy little Komatsu is receiving worldwide recognition! This is a major step in his development, and in the progression of the overall story. It was apparent that he would be Toriko’s chef/partner, but until now, he hadn’t truly demonstrated his worth. As far as establishing Komatsu as a legitimately important character, this is an excellent chapter.

(Don?) Patch recommends a bodyguard, even. Surely that will be Toriko himself. Or Rin!

Only Toriko could make soup so tantalizing. Shimabukuro does a fantastic job of conveying taste and sensation through text and imagery.

Fantastic reactions from everyone, especially Komatsu as he watches the others.

Komatsu’s Century Soup is good enough for Toriko’s full course, no less!

Final Flash: Truly, a great Komatsu chapter.

Toriko 95

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Let’s learn more about Blackbeard’s other life.

Interesting to see Teppei interact in such a cutesy, familiar way with Yosaku.

Setsu is feared by absolutely everyone. This is excellent.

P7: Oh, Toriko. Straightforward as ever.

Therapy Tulip! Another creative species via reader submission. Toriko has a built-in fantastic connection with its audience.

Yosaku is a bit more upfront of a burly-but-nice person than I expected, not that I’m complaining. Subtlety isn’t this series’ strong point, anyway.

20 years for both? Wow. Thankfully, these seem more like absurd challenges for Toriko and Komatsu to overcome, rather than an actual estimate (or worse, a timeskip).

Final Flash: A bit of a subdued chapter. Fun to learn about Yosaku, but we didn’t get nearly as many species introductions, and it’s still transitional plot.

Toriko 94

[chapter link]

Well, that’s one way to start a chapter. Bare ass. Full color, too.

Color spread: So much pink! The large character behind Toriko looks a lot like Blackbeard from One Piece, too.

“And my completely dead three subordinates” is an amusing line. They’re not just dead. They’re completely dead.

Page 5, third row, right panel: Toriko is uncharacteristically adorable here.

Butterfly Therapies… yet more interesting ideas used only in passing. Great touch.

As expected, Setsuna foreshadows an interesting development with the wall penguin child.

Nice to see Toriko walking around casually without an arm. I expect him to get his arm back soon, but in the meantime, this is good.

Onsen Sharks! Creative.

The first person in our world to successfully genetically engineer Diet Fish will make a fortune.

Love that Sani was so focused on himself that he didn’t notice Toriko’s missing arm.

… whoa. I was more right with that Blackbeard comment than I expected. Yosaku is practically the spitting image of Teach. Weird.

Final Flash: Fun transitional chapter with many great new species.

Toriko 89

[chapter link]

Love that a group finally decided to catch up on this. Thanks, Franky House!

I’ve been curious about Teppei since this arc began. He’s starting to act at the perfect time, too.

Saiseiyas are yet another creative idea from this author. Good addition to this world.

The only disappointing thing about this chapter so far is how much Tommyrod had left after fighting Toriko. Hopefully Toriko isn’t down for the count.

Parasite Emperor. Wow. Talk about having something left.

Teppei better be amazing, because Parasite Emperor seems pretty broken.

Hellboros! This is a fantastic chapter for new creatures.

Aw, poor Komatsu.

Final Flash: I’m impatient for the next chapter of this more than any series.

Toriko 88

This fight has been fantastic. I seriously hope the Toriko anime is on its way soon; I would love to see this animated.

I’ll never get tired of seeing Toriko’s “killing intent” face.

Removing constraints/weights/limits is usually poorly used, but this time, it’s happening so late in the fight, I don’t mind.

Whoa. Brutal. What a fight.

Page 14! Center panel. I already liked this series, but it’s growing on me exponentially.

Wow, I didn’t see this confrontation coming. Interesting.

Final Flash: It’s amazing how quickly this series has moved up my recommendation list in just a few weeks.