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One Piece 591

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A Crocus and Rayleigh bath scene is one of the last things I expected to see.

Not content with a mere appearance on the cover page, Rayleigh is back, proving his immeasurable awesomeness by swimming the Calm Belt.

The attitude of all the women towards Luffy is excellent.


Equally excellent (or perhaps moreso) is Hancock’s misunderstanding regarding marriage.

Pity that Law is leaving, especially considering that he might have some unexpected knowledge regarding the Will of D. Of course, he’s a great character all around, too. He’ll be missed, but it’s better to leave the audience wanting more of him than giving us too much. This is probably the right amount of exposure for an individual Supernova, for now.

Ominous words

Interesting to discover that Rayleigh cared for the Boa sisters after their escape from servitude.

Confirmation that Kuma as we knew him was working for the Revolutionary Army. Who knows what condition he’s in now, but it’s good to finally have closure on part of his reasoning.

Shakky’s unreasonable accuracy makes Hancock joining the crew a tiny bit more possible.

Actual scenes of the crew! Their reactions are just right, as well.

Attention Toei: I would not mind filler if it focused on the adventures of Fat Usopp and Herculesn. Also, feel free to further investigate the fascinating biology of this island.

As always, when it is most called for, Usopp provides the true manliness of a sworn brotherhood. His impassioned words are perfect.

Chopper(man) has brought peace to the Torino Kingdom. Fantastic.

The last panel of the chapter is the best one. Predictions welcome on the new bounty.

Show us, Chopper!

Final Flash: Excellent chapter all around, and an exciting cliffhanger.

One Piece 590

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Good to see how much Dadan cares. Also, Makino is doing something.

Oda’s done a fantastic job designing the graves for both Whitebeard and Ace.

Appropriately lovely

Incredible speech from Jinbei. Absolutely magnificent. Those are exactly the words that needed to be said, and they needed to be said by someone strong enough that Luffy in his present state would respect them. Fantastic scene.

Luffy admitting to himself that he has his crew is such a powerful moment.

I’m hoping these scenes of Ace talking to Jinbei are among the last times we see Ace for a while, not because I’m tired of him, but because they’re too emotional to handle every week.

A haunting panel

Final Flash: Excellent to know that Luffy is focusing on finding the crew.

One Piece 589

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P5, bottom-right panel: Oh dear. As bittersweet and awkward as some previous flashback moments were, this is just outright heartbreaking.

Zoro cameo!

Finally, time is moving forward. Rather than jumping back directly to the present, though, the short timeskips are a nice touch.

P9: Difficult page. Ace and Luffy imagining that Sabo is watching them is quite sad.

Even if you can’t read kana, who painted which sign should be abundantly clear:

Cute craftsmanship

Makino! Nice to see her every once in a while, even if she’s never had much of a role defined for her.

Even Dadan succumbs to the traditional One Piece crying farewell.

I count three entire Woop Slap panels this chapter.

Crushing final page. Luffy’s sadness feels so much more defined after this flashback. Well done, Oda.

Final Flash: Great chapter. This was an unexpected but quality way to bring the focus back to the present. Overall, it was also a great flashback, but it’s time to move on.

One Piece 588

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Lovely color page!

Oh… no. Right away, too.

When the Tenryuubito, as an entire organization, finally get the revenge that is coming to them, it will be a glorious day for fans worldwide.

‘Ace just ate his Devil Fruit’ theory nullified. Both Ace and Luffy will get to see Sabo’s fate together.

Does anyone else doubt Sabo’s death? Everyone’s treating it as a certainty, but we never saw his corpse. I’m extremely hesitant to pronounce him dead.

Only discovering Ace’s similarities to Roger now is all the more difficult considering his eventual fate.

Regardless of what actually happened to Sabo, it’s sad to see Ace and Luffy like this.

One theory down, another fueled: The crossed-out ‘S’ on Sabo’s letter is the reason behind Ace’s tattoo. (Not my theory, mind you, but a good one.)

“Endless lamentation,” indeed. What a flashback.

Final Flash: With the break next week, it seems the flashback is done, but the angst may not quite be over yet. Luffy still needs to recover. I still believe Sabo has survived, and will soon meet with Luffy.

One Piece 587

June 2, 2010 2 comments
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What a puzzling cover page. Den Den Mushi require watering, apparently.

Oda can draw such perfectly ugly people when the situation calls for it.

Bluejam is an interesting case within the world of One Piece. We’ve become used to treating pirates as de facto “good guys” and regarding the World Government as the true evil, but every once in a while, a pirate like Bluejam comes along that reminds us that the people of this world are rather sensible for considering pirates evil. Bluejam is hardly the first case of this happening, but it’s refreshing to see someone like him now and again.

Ace used Haki. Wow.

Dadan! I was wondering where she’d been all this time.

It’s such a weird feeling to see ‘death flags’ popping up left and right for characters we know survive this flashback.

An explosion and a path? Dragon, likely. 15 pages in, I was hoping to have seen more of him. Any of him, really.

There he is. It was Ivankov after all. Although… there has not yet been confirmation that Ivankov is not Luffy’s mom…

Kuma?! Whoa. Also, I guarantee at least one of those silhouettes is someone notable. Particularly, the silhouette with the sword in front of Kuma, or the other hulking mass beside him.

Sabo! I am unbelievably happy he lives. Surely, he will tie us back to the present. Expect a reunion between Sabo and Luffy soon. I anticipate brief commiseration of Ace’s death, followed by Sabo cheering up Luffy enough to continue his journey and meet up with the crew.

Final Flash: We’re almost done with this flashback, and it’s been well worth the time spent. Fantastic.

One Piece 586

May 26, 2010 2 comments
[chapter link]

Smoker and Hina! And a camel taxi.

Poor Sabo. Also, it’s strange and somewhat unnerving to be in the midst of a Luffy flashback during scenes like this. Usually, for One Piece flashbacks, Luffy is in the present time, ready to act on the injustice he learns. Now, present-day Luffy is incapacitated and would have neither a fresh reason nor the immediate ability to take revenge for Sabo, and flashback Luffy is too weak. It’s an odd feeling, knowing that whatever happens to Luffy here is probably left that way for the rest of his character history.

Stelly looks… weird. He’s a mix of cute, ugly, and evil. Bizarre.

This is rough. I feel awful for the kids.

Unsurprisingly, the pirates were set up. Still, they had it coming.

Please tell me that’s Dragon.

… that’s Dragon and (presumably) his wife. Luffy’s mom. Whoa.

Final Flash: Sabo not only avoids death but is probably still with Dragon in present time, and we get the first glimpse of who we can only assume is Luffy’s mom. Amazing. Also, so much for there not being anyone available to deliver much-needed retribution.

One Piece 585

[chapter link]

I suppose Magellan and Hannyabal don’t have any other friends.

Despite not being a huge fan of flashbacks, and despite wanting to move forward with the present-time storyline, I’m enjoying this flashback now. It’s fun to see kid Luffy devising attacks but not yet being able to pull them off.

Oda seems to be having fun writing this, too. One Piece rarely features so many narrative boxes.

Sabo is the son of a noble, and he’s passionate about becoming a free pirate. Sorry, kid, but your fate is sealed.

Several pages of bittersweet scenes of three brothers. This would feel completely different if it had been before Ace’s death. Sorry for doubting you, Oda.

Sabo’s father in cahoots with Bluejam. Next chapter should be the climax of the flashback.

Final Flash: A very different kind of One Piece chapter. More narrative, extended stretches of allowing the art to speak without dialogue. Reminds me of some old Calvin & Hobbes Sunday strips. Very much a “feel” chapter, and a good one.

One Piece 584

Why wouldn’t Crocodile and Daz Bones be walking around with mafioso hippos?

Man, Ace and Sabo were jerks when they were young. Well, at least Ace “was.” Who knows about Sabo, yet.

Luffy was a real man even when he wasn’t a real man. Here’s hoping for some serious retribution against Polchemi.

Oh, good. The kids aren’t so bad, after all.

Well, there’s that retribution. Pretty brutal.

While I’ve questioned the placement of this flashback, the fact that it was withheld until after Ace’s death makes the scene where Ace finally accepts Luffy both touching and haunting.

As if Sabo wasn’t certainly going to become an important character already, he’s now also staying with Dadan? Look for him to feature prominently in some capacity.

Tenryuubito. Things are about to get serious.

Final Flash: I would expect next chapter to be the last chapter of the flashback, which would be acceptable. Given that we know most of what happened to Luffy and Ace after this point, I would expect it to be Dadan or Sabo who gets tangled up with the Tenryuubito.

One Piece 583

[chapter link]

Loving the cover image. I wouldn’t mind a cover story with these two, or any of the Thriller Bark side characters.

It’s been hundreds of chapters since we got to see any kid Luffy. The shrill sound you hear in the distance is the female portion of the fandom (or the more effeminate males) cooing over how cute he was. Can’t say I disagree, though.

I’m finding distant-Ace interesting.

Sabo, hm? Clearly, we’re going to meet this character all grown up sometime, and hopefully soon. Also, for some reason, he reminds me of a young Setzer.

Porchemy’s tattoo looks slightly similar to the Sunny Pirates emblem.

Luffy lying is hilarious.

Final Flash: Everything I could have asked for from a Luffy/Ace flashback. Assuming the flashback doesn’t last for too many more chapters, this will be a welcome addition to the overall story.

One Piece 582

[chapter link]

One Piece got the Jump cover this week, and it’s nice. Highlights: Mashiro, Jaguar, Kuroko, the trio of Oga (with Beel!) / Yotsuya / Hadesu. Lowlights: Nura (hat doesn’t suit him), Medaka (these breasts are getting out of hand), Ichigo (and his terrible fat-triangle face).

Fantastic color spread. Where’s my poster?

It’s going to be hard to watch Luffy’s reaction.

The fact that we’re back at Amazon Lily lends even more credibility to the idea of Hancock joining the crew. She can properly say her farewells to everyone. Still not sure if it will happen, or if I’d want it to, but I can’t ignore the signs.

I love Bepo more every time we get to see him. Poor talking bear.

I feel horrible for Luffy.

Good time for a flashback. We need to put most of the Ace/Luffy backstory behind us. Also, anything to interrupt Luffy’s agony. This is difficult to read.

Dadan! Officially recognized as their foster mother, too. I have to say, she’s a little… different… from what I expected. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Is this the first time Oda has placed an arc-relevant flashback after its relevant event? I’m so used to seeing flashbacks before fights that this carries even more impact.

Final Flash: A clinic on the benefits of proper character development. I feel genuine sympathy for a fictional character. This chapter is an accomplishment.

One Piece 581

April 15, 2010 3 comments

Excellent cover page. Interesting to ponder where this scene would fit in the overall timeline.

It is always good to see the Supernovas. Always.

The fourth Yonkou is “Big Mum”? Hm. This could help to quell the idea that Kaidou is female, if nothing else.

Oh no! It’s Brownbeard! … I hope we get to see him again after this. The idea deserves a cover story, at least.

Poor Bepo.

Jesus, Ivankov is scary.

The escaped prisoners (and presumably Ivankov) want to head to Kamabakka Kingdom, where Sanji is currently located. Could this be the start of the reassembly of the crew?

Some serious conspiracy material seeing the light of day. Someone higher than Sengoku is calling for the cover-up of the Impel Down escapes and having Doflamingo take out Moria? Excellent. Some Gorousei activity, finally? (Incidentally, how did Moria end up completely alone with Doflamingo and the PXs? Everyone was there just a moment ago.)

Final Flash: A reaction-heavy chapter, but the interactions on the ship were great, and the last few pages were fantastic.

One Piece 580

[chapter link]

Coby and Helmeppo have been taught by Tashigi! That’s excellent.

Shanks has been fighting Kaidou? I’m now even more anxious to meet him.

“If I were to see him now, I’d be breaking our promise.” Harsh but honorable words.

Hancock’s best asset: Her look-down-her-nose pose. I know you were thinking of something else, but this pose is priceless.

Buggy has been the comic relief of this entire arc, but there’s reason to believe he could now become a force.

No Shanks/Mihawk? Damn.

Yasopp’s looking pretty badass there. Well, they all are.

Moria’s expression doesn’t quite fit the surrounding reflection and grief. I mean, it fits him to be like that, but it’s comical.

It’s over.

Final Flash: One Piece is on break next week. One extra week for a sense of finality, then on to an uncertain future. I’m excited.

One Piece 579

March 25, 2010 1 comment

More Law, please.

Still can’t come to terms with Blackbeard’s new powers. This stands alone as the one aspect of One Piece I completely dislike.

Pandaman! Page 5, part of the fleeing crowd.

Buggy’s terrified face cracks me up every time.

Wow, Coby. Wow. I liked him already, but my respect has grown immeasurably.

Shock of the week. Shanks, out of nowhere.

“Bitch, what have you done to my hat?!”

Final Flash: It’s hard for One Piece to get any more into serious mode, but Oda found a way. We can never have too much Shanks.

One Piece 578

March 17, 2010 3 comments

Beautiful color spread. I require a poster.

Very happy to see some more Buddha action. I would like to know a little more about the specifics of Sengoku’s abilities, though.

Aokiji’s apology doesn’t seem sarcastic. He’s easily the best admiral.

Jinbei is increasingly amazing.


Betting lines are open: Buggy 12/1 to accidentally become Pirate King.

A submarine with lanterns and a familiar logo. Only one man is this cool. Oh yes.

Final Flash: No coincidence that the awesome started flying around once the focus turned away from Blackbeard. We need a little break from him. How about those last two pages?

One Piece 577

March 12, 2010 1 comment

Rayleigh seems to be done coating Thousand Sunny. Now as for the crew returning there…

I’m torn on Akainu. On one hand, someone (presumably Jinbei or Ivankov) defeating him so shortly after his introduction would somewhat demean his status as an admiral, even if he’d already fought Whitebeard. On the other hand, I can’t say I find him a worthwhile enough character to postpone the climax of a fight with him until the distant future.

Oh, Buggy.

Regarding Blackbeard: … that just happened. I don’t think I like this. Really. Those are strange words to hear from me regarding One Piece, but I am not keen on this plot decision.

Final Flash: If anyone can redeem this, it’s Oda, but I am highly apprehensive of new Blackbeard.